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Also at Kingston's Exotics we breed some of our snakes and lizards , Here are a few of last years babies . 

We start putting snakes together the last week of January. We put them togther for a couple of hours a day making sure to always keep an eye on them both. We do this process for about 3 months . After that we we make sure we have the incubator up and running , that gives us time to make sure the settings and temps are holding steady for the babies. We make sure the females have lay boxes in with them and take note of every little thing  they do . This gives you signs that she is gravid. 

Once they have laid we then take the eggs away from the females and incubate the eggs for them , they have a nice warm bath afterb laying and after a day offer them a nice warm prey item. Breeding can take it our of both so care is given to make sure they all gain the weight back.  Keep a look out for any eggs we have. Once they hatch they will need to have there first shed , normally 7 days after hatching, we then offer them a pinkie . Once they have taken their first feed  will put them up on out for sale page.

This year so far we have 3 pairs of corns together , 3 pairs of boas and a pair of house snakes and rat snakes together. 

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