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Here are the Lizards that will be able to attend the parties and events. We have Stumpy and Princess the Bearded Dragons, Terry the Red Tegu , Mushu and Mulan the Chinese Water Dragons, Delta the Blue Tongue Skink and Neytiri the Savannah Monitor.

This stunning little one is Optimus, He is a Red Iguana, He/ She is only a baby at the moment, so we are working with him daily to get him to sit and be cuddled by adults and children. He is doing very well although he does like to impersonate Usain Bolt when trying to get him/her out the viv. 

Another new arrival is Mickey the red phase bearded dragon, He will be available at a later date.

Our youngest daughter with Stumpy the Bearded Dragon.

Terry The Tegu posing.

Mulan telling Mushu that's her log to chill on.

Delta the Blue Tongue Skink .

Neytiri the Savannah Monitor giving a cheeky look.

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